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Tropical Plants on Sale? Yes, Please

As winter draws toward a close, many greenhouses put their tropical houseplants on discount to make space for fresh spring garden offerings, such as annual flowers, hanging baskets and the like. Even if you’re not one for growing plants indoors, you might want to take advantage of those sales and pick up a few tropical plants, because once the weather warms they can become an unusual and eye-catching asset in your outdoor garden.

tropical plants croton

Tropical houseplants like croton (pictured), anthurium, aglaonema, dracaena and others can easily spend the summer outdoors, where they’ll shine in mixed containers or as a solo potted plant. Most will tolerate (or even prefer) the shade of a patio or porch. They can be mixed with traditional annuals or set among hardy perennials. However you place them, these tropical plants make an interesting addition to the garden. So think ahead if you see discounted tropical plants this spring, and choose a few for your summer garden.

Image credit: lizfernandezg / iStock / Getty Images