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The Meaning of Water Sprout on a Rose Bush

What is a "water sprout" on a rose?

pink rose

Answer: A water sprout, also referred to as epicormic sprout, is a vigorous upright growth that emerges from dormant and/or adventitious buds and can be visible or submerged within/on the base, trunk, branches, limbs and stems of trees and shrubs. They are often a result of excessive or improper pruning and/or from previous damage to the plant.

If your roses, or any other plant, have formed these fast-growing vertical shoots, it is important to remove them swiftly. Water sprouts are weak in comparison to the rest of the plant and can break off, causing further damage; they are also more susceptible to pests and diseases and quickly drain energy that your plant could use to help keep other strong and healthy growth thriving.

Water sprouts may reappear, so it is important to keep checking on your plants for signs of these energy-sucking shoots. You can control them by correctly pruning your plants and preventing damage to the main base, stems and/or branches.

With proper maintenance, water sprouts do not have to overtake your plants, ensuring that your favorite trees and shrubs continue to be strong, healthy and beautiful displays in your garden.

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