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Protect Shrubs from Heavy Snow with This Material

Seeing birds gracefully flying around, often chirping away in charming melodies, can be a beautiful, serene sight. However, seeing these same birds greedily stealing berries from our fruiting shrubs is not.

Many gardeners will turn to bird netting in order to help protect their fruiting trees and shrubs from famished birds hoping to snag a few berries.

However, bird netting can be used for more than just keeping birds away. You can use plastic bird netting to help protect your lovely shrubs from hefty snow in winter—just pull it tightly around and over the shrub and the snow will not splay out the branches.

It is important to shield your shrubs because the heavy snow that has fallen off roofs, been tossed aside by a few hardworking shovelers, scattered from passing plows and/or flown from snow blowers can plummet our shrubs, resulting in damage.

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