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Planting Along a Pathway

What do you recommend for planting along a pathway?

garden path

Answer: Specific plant choices will depend on your climate and the site's conditions (type of soil, exposure to sunlight, etc.), but there are a few characteristics common to all pathway plants. If the path runs through an open area, choose plants that are fairly low growing; about knee height is a good limit. If a fence or hedge runs parallel to the path, such as in the photo at right, tall, strongly upright plants can work. Stick with plants that have a compact habit, rather than a loose, sprawling one; you don't want your plants leaning out into the pathway. To keep the path looking presentable without constant maintenance, choose plants that don't require frequent deadheading, and include plants that are grown chiefly for their foliage.

Image attribution: Mick Garratt. Rights.
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