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Mount Trellises on Stakes

By mounting a trellis to stakes before inserting it into the ground, you can protect it from rotting.
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Whenever I put up a trellis that needs to have its base in the ground, be it a fan with one leg or a square, rectangle, etc., with multiple legs, I put a stake or stakes in the ground and mount the trellis to the stake(s) rather than putting it in or on the soil. That way, the soil’s hungry little microbes eat the stakes—which can be replaced—instead of the trellis legs. I mount the trellis to the stake so the bottom of the trellis is 4 to 6 inches off the ground. My stakes are usually about 18 inches tall.

The trellis can also be mounted to rebar or some metal pipe. I have, on occasion, put PVC pipe into the ground and placed the legs of the trellis into it. But I prefer the stakes. Why? Because I prefer working with wood.

Also, when mounting a trellis to a fence or some other structure, I put small diameter PVC between the trellis and the structure and use long enough screws to reach though it. This way there is space behind the trellis for air circulation or ease of maintenance.—Bob Boysen, Portland, Ore.

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