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Keeping Tabs on Houseplants in Winter

If a collection of houseplants is all that separates you from full-on gardening withdrawal this time of year, be sure to follow these two key tips for keeping them healthy and vibrant in the depth of winter:

jade plant
  • Monitor windows for cold drafts, and take steps to better seal and insulate them if you detect a cold spot. Meanwhile, pull plants back from cold windows, particularly at night, when temperatures plummet. If you pull your curtains, shades or other window dressings closed at any time, be sure your plants aren't between them and the glass, as that area can become a cold pocket.
  • As daylight lengthens and strengthens, keep an eye on how your houseplants respond. On the positive side, you may notice increased growth. On the other hand, you may spot scorched leaves or leaf drop. If your houseplants seem to be not coping well with increased light levels, move them back from the windows and gradually shift them into position again over a period of days or weeks. You may need to provide more water now and begin feeding your plants regularly, too, as they respond to the increase in light.

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