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Tip of the Week: Indoor Bulbs in Winter

Here's a quick and easy way to create a flowering bulb display for your home in the middle of winter—without chilling or forcing bulbs.
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Fragrant hyacinths are one of the joys of the winter indoor garden. In midwinter, you can buy potted bulbs that have already been forced (tricked into an indoor bloom). All that's left to do is to enjoy the flowers.

Flowering Hyacinths

It’s fun to create an indoor winter garden by replanting an assortment of small potted plants into one larger pot. Pick up several potted hyacinths at the supermarket, garden center or elsewhere and transplant the nascent bulb plants into a decorative pot with a drainage hole. Use a bagged potting soil mix. No food or fertilizer necessary. All the food the plant needs is stored in the bulb! Water thoroughly until the soil is well moistened but not drenched. Set the pot near a window or other light source and watch them grow.

Keep soil moist but not wet. When the flowers begin to bloom, move the pot away from bright sunlight. This simple step will lengthen their overall bloom time and your enjoyment of the colorful, fragrant flowers. Visit for more bulb flower style and gardening tips.

Planting bulbs in a pot