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How to Stop Plant Containers from Staining Decks

Container gardening is a great way to grow plants individually, or in tiny groupings, with the wonderful ease of transport to desired locations. Most containers come with drainage holes to keep the soil from retaining too much water and ultimately drowning the plants. However, these drainage holes may ruin the area beneath the planters by causing stains or other damage. Nesting the pot in a saucer doesn't always help, because the saucer can also leave a mark.

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To help prevent harm to our decks, patios and porches use pot feet, in addition to a small dish, under the container’s drainage hole. With the right placement, the dish can be completely hidden—just remember to empty it after watering/rainstorms. You can also try “invisible” pot feet that are usually a series of rings that can be placed under the pot without being exposed, while still keeping the container elevated. If you do not care to hide your pot feet and dishes, you can get creative with colors, eccentric designs and styles, materials and shapes to help spice up your containers with a little extra flair.

Pot feet are not just simply a solution to avoid water residue stains from consuming our wooden floorings, but they also benefit many plants’ root systems with the air circulation passing beneath the planter when raised.

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