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How Deep to Plant Clematis for Best Growth

Clematis is a vivacious, twining vine that blooms in a profusion of striking flowers painted stunningly in an array of alluring shades of purple, pink, red, blue and/or white. These spectacular flowering vines can add eye-catching color and interest to the summer garden, but they do require some specific care.
Shown: cutivar 'Evisix'

clematis evisix

To ensure the success of your clematis, choose a sunny location, exposed to at least 6 hours of full sun per day. Plant the clematis root ball 3 to 4 inches deep in well-drained soil that has been amended with lots of organic material, such as compost. After planting it, cut the vine back to one foot tall—this will encourage branching. Offer support to climbing varieties, such as a trellis, fence, post, etc. Many gardeners suggest adding a layer of mulch to help keep the soil cool and lock in moisture. You may feed regularly with a general fertilizer to encourage more vigorous growth. Water regularly until established.

Specific pruning techniques and time will vary depending on variety. Follow these links for more info on clematis:

A few common clematis questions

Pruning clematis in early spring

Image: Kenpei
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