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Houseplants on Strike: Why They Drop Their Leaves

I have several houseplants in my window and recently they started dropping their leaves. They were doing well and I haven’t changed how I was treating them, so what could be the problem?


Answer: Why only limit your love for gardening to your yard when you have an entire home just waiting to be filled with colorful, flourishing plants? Growing houseplants is a great way to bring a little bit of the serene beauty of nature indoors.

When growing houseplants, providing proper care—such as watering, lighting, soil/potting needs and temperature—is crucial to success. However, what happens when your well-maintained, thriving plants suddenly seem to have taken a turn for the worse?

If you can rule out any pesky critters that may be feeding off of your plants and causing their health to decline, then—given the time of year—your problem is most likely due to a natural change in sunlight with the changing of the seasons.

When the seasons change, the amount of sun exposure for your houseplants can change. There may be fewer (or more) hours of daylight, there may be more (or less) cloud cover and the angle of the sun changes. You may have to adjust your plants’ location to be sure they are still getting full sun if they need it, or less light if they prefer that. So if your plants were doing well and you haven’t altered how you were caring for them, this is probably the cause—right now, winter is winding down and the sun is beginning to grow stronger and come in at a different angle.

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