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Horticulture Techniques

These downloadable how-to articles help you garden through the seasons.
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While grocery shopping a few nights ago, my husband and I came across a large display of Christmas cards and decorations. Halloween is still more than a month away!

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Gardening doesn’t quite mesh with the general pace of today’s world. Maybe that’s why we like it so much. While society demands we move at a faster and faster pace, gardening plods along at the same steady rate as it always has. You can’t rush the seasons in your garden. There’s a right time for every task, a calendar of things that can’t be done too early or too late. They should be done right on time. I find some comfort in this steady schedule; it lets me slow down—in the garden, at least. Perhaps you feel the same.

To help keep your calendar of garden tasks organized, we’ve put together packs of timely how-to articles. These brief articles illustrate techniques that you’ll use every year, and with them you’ll be sure you’re doing the right thing at the right time. Because they are in PDF format, these articles can be stored on your computer. Each pack includes several related articles (themes include Fall Tasks, Houseplants, Spring Tasks, Propagation and more), and each sells for just a few dollars. They’re money—and time—well spent.

When you purchase any of the Horticulture Techniques downloads by October 7 you will receive one for FREE! Just enter Coupon Code HRTBART92809 when checking out of our store to receive your choice of FREE downloads.

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Happy gardening,

Meghan Shinn