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Give the Birds Shelter

Creating a winter habitat for the birds is a lot easier than you may think. Provide the basics and the birds will grace your back yard throughout the winter.

Be consistent
Just like you, birds require daily food, water, shelter and rest. If you are consistent with your provisions, the birds will quickly learn that your back yard is a safe-haven.

Water: Heated birdbaths
Don’t fight the ice; use a heated birdbath to keep the water accessible to the birds. Keep the water fresh and clean, shallow enough for small birds and close to a safe place to perch.

Bird Bath Horticulture

Food: Set out the buffet
Unless you are very particular as to the types of birds you want to attract, offer a variety of bird food with nuts, berries and suet. Opt for several birdfeeders created for the dispersal of particular bird food; creating custom feeding stations for wintering birds.


Shelter: Creating a safe haven
Birds not only need protection from the neighbor’s cat and other hunters, but from the elements as well. Windbreaks created by evergreens and thick piles of branches and twigs give birds a place to get out of the cold wind and away from prowling cats.

bird shelter tree Horticulture

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