Tip of the Week: Build a Bouquet

Here’s how to build a fresh summer bouquet as you wander through your garden.
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In Paris, street vendors wrap seasonal herbs in newspaper. The Dutch call this a Biedermeier bouquet. You might make one yourself as you wander through your garden, clipping whatever flowers, foliage or herbs are freshest. Abandon all flower-arranging techniques and build the bouquet freeform in your hands:

  • Keep your fingers loose enough to move the flowers around and to avoid crunching them together, but tight enough to control their position.
  • Make sure all the flowers can be seen and are not hiding behind or underneath each other.
  • Foliages that bend should be placed on the edges because they lend themselves to draping; those that are bolder and more upright should be arranged in the base. Think about how each of the foliages grow and arrange them in that way.
  • Consider the vertical position of each component as well as the horizontal component.

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