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Tip of the Week: Evergreens for Shade

Here’s a surprising but effective design choice for deep shade.
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Plain dark evergreen shrubs may seem a dull choice for planting in heavy shade, but they are usually the most successful. Their shiny deep green leaves look wonderful in low light, and they appear more defined without strong sunlight to rob them of their rich color. They also form a dramatic background for the lighter highlights of variegated evergreens and the seasonal color of flower bulbs.

Try these evergreens in shade:

Boxwood (Buxus; Zones 5–9)

Alexandrain laurel (Danae racemosa; Zones 6–9)

Castor oil plant (Fatsia japonica; Zones 8¬9)

Holly (Ilex; Zones 5–¬9)

Also try cotoneaster, daphne and osmanthus.