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Tip of the Week: Terrariums make indoor gardening easy and fun

A terrarium doesn't have to be elaborate. A potted plant in a fishbowl or placed under a glass cake cover is all it takes!
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In a terrarium you can create your own little ecosphere. Any glass enclosure that holds plants can be considered a terrarium. But you can include more than just plants in your mini-garden. Leaves, stones, pebbles or seedpods make wonderful additions.

Terrarium Tips

1. Clear glass is preferable to tinted glass. If using a tinted glass, be sure to place terrarium nearer the light source.

2. A tight lid on your terrarium makes it pretty much self-sufficient. But if you choose an open container, remember you'll need to water more frequently.

3. Place near an east- or west-facing window. The diffused light is more helpful; direct southern sun on a terrarium will bake it.

4. Choose plants that prefer low light and humid/moist growing conditions. Think: ferns, moss, orchids, African violets, peperomias, pileas and ficus.

Have fun creating your mini-landscape, and enjoy the ability to garden no matter the weather!

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