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DIY Solutions for Organizing Your Potting Shed


Common kitchen and office storage accessories can help organize your garden life, says Lorene Edwards Forkner, author of Handmade Garden Projects. Use these everyday items to bring order to your potting shed.

  • Clear, lidded plastic storage jars and containers keep garden supplies secure and dry.
  • Serving trays and storage caddies sort and organize tools by task.
  • Wire baskets and colanders for rinsing garden harvest keeps soil in the garden and out of the kitchen sink.
  • Shallow open shelves (think spice rack) keep small containers, hose nozzles and plant ties easily accessible.
  • Task lighting brightens up your workspace on dark gray days.
  • A garden “inbox” stores plant tags and care instructions.
  • A wall calendar makes an easy-to-maintain, quick and dirty garden journal.
  • Small coin envelopes stash and store collected seeds.
  • Wall-mounted magnetic knife strips hold lightweight tools, scissors and snips.
  • Magnets attached to a metal ruler used for seed spacing can be stored on a metal surface.
  • Clothespins, magnets, hooks and pegs keep items simple and visible; the more, the merrier.

Excerpted from Handmade Garden Projects by Lorene Edwards Forkner (Timber Press, 2011).


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