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Crop Rotation in the Flower Bed

Rotating your crops can help produce a bountiful harvest full of yummy and nourishing vegetables, by reducing the chances of pests and diseases and increasing the soil’s health. However, crop rotation is not just for the vegetable garden; it is a good idea to “rotate” your annual flowers as well—by not planting the same type in the same spot year after year.


Annuals are wonderful additions for the garden in the sense that they allow you to experiment with your plants and add something new to the garden every year. Although it's somewhat a chore to keep replanting annuals each new growing season, they can inspire great creativity, add summer-long interest and support pollinating insects.

When you think about rotating your annuals, the concept is pretty much the same as for vegetables: rotating differing plant families is good for the soil, by keeping it balanced; and chances of intruding, harmful pests and diseases are lowered by altering the plants in each bed, either seasonally, annually or every few years—depending on the growing conditions for the plants you select.

There is another wonderful benefit to rotating annuals in addition to great soil and reduced chances of damage: the immense opportunity for stunning color and fresh designs! With a little time and a lot of fun planning, you can ensure that your garden showcases something new and intriguing each new season of the year, allowing for surprise each time visitors take a peek into your garden.

Image: Petunia by Hedwig Storch
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