Your Ideas: Keeping Clippers Clean

Here's one gardener's tip for easily keeping pruners sanitary.
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My tip is a necessity for your gardening bucket/tool box.

I save the sprayer nozzle from empty bottles of cleaning solutions, such as glass cleaner. I rinse them and exchange them with the lid on a full bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Armed with this handy inexpensive disinfectant spray when cutting and trimming, I spray my pruner with the alcohol between tender plants to disinfect it. Since I started using this handy tool I haven’t spread disease like mildew, etc, from one plant to another.

The alcohol also helps to disinfect an accidental cut finger right in the garden. Honestly, who stops gardening to go in and wash with soap and water every time you cut or jab your finger & open the skin. For me that would only happen when I was finished gardening; which is when the sun goes down.

Linda Poynter, e-news reader

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