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Chicken Books, Hummingbird Seeds and Bird Feeders

Here are a few excellent references and items for gardeners interested in attracting wild birds or raising chickens.


The Joy of Keeping Chickens—organic farmer Jennifer Megyesi discusses all the basic details of raising the birds, and stresses organic living and heirloom breeds.

Keeping Chickens—Mike Hatcher's handbook is great for gardeners with minimal space who want to keep a few hens. He covers everything you need to know to keep them happy and healthy.

Backyard Chickens Guide to Coops and Tractors: Planning, Building and Real-life Advice—This book, created by members of the popular online community, offers plans and photos of 16 custom chicken coops built by urban, suburban and rural chicken owners, including designs for 3 portable houses known as tractors.

Birdhouses You Can Build in a Day—make a home for your wild bird friends. This book has 51 complete woodworking plans, each designed to attract specific types of birds, bats and butterflies.

Seeds for a Hummingbird Garden
—direct-sow these seeds after the danger of frost has passed, and watch hummingbirds sip the flowers' nectar all summer. These packets from Renee's Garden include seeds of scarlet runner beans, nasturtiums and zinnias.

Birdbaths, bird feeders and squirrel baffles
—designed by H. Potter, these avian items are both beautiful and functional. They will keep wild birds happy and act as an artistic element in the garden.

Wild Bird Wheel—this 3D tool helps you identify wild birds in your yard and tells you the kinds of seeds and plants that they like to eat. Offered as part of a trio of gardening wheels that also cover herb gardening and vegetable gardening.

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