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Best Lawn Care Tips for Spring and Summer

lawn care

If you want to enjoy using your lawn this summer, treat it right beginning in the spring.

With the right spring prep and care, you can count on a beautiful, useful summer lawn. Grass Seed USA, an organization of seed farmers and academic turf scientists, offers excellent advice for lawn care in the spring and summer, including dispelling some persistent myths, such as:

  • Crab grass can only be controlled with chemicals (not true!)
  • All turf grass should be mowed to two inches high throughout the summer (not true!)
  • You should let the lawn put on several inches of growth before mowing it for the first time in spring (not true!)

You can check out (and even download) the truth about these three myths, along with the rest of Grass Seed USA’s best lawn care tips, by clicking here.

Image credit: vgajic/E+/Getty Images