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Reaping Rewards of Ornamental Rhubarb

Ornamental rhubarb provides a showy display
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Question: I’ve seen pictures of rhubarb in bloom, but my plants only produce foliage year after year. What can I do to get them to flower?


Spokane WA

Like their edible kitchen-garden relatives, ornamental rhubarbs require that mythical substance: soil that is both deep and rich.

Simply amending a shallow soil with copious quantities of manure or compost will not do. Plants that annually produce such a large flowering stem need ample reserves of food as well as adequate moisture. If the plants become starved or drought-stressed during their spring growing season, they will retreat into early dormancy. Thus, the area in which the rhubarbs are to be planted should be excavated to a depth of 3 feet (less for smaller species) and filled with as much organic matter as can be procured. The results will be dramatic and long lasting.

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