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Another Source of Suet Cakes for Your Bird Garden

Suet, animal fat from around the loin and kidneys of cattle and sheep, is often mixed with seeds, grains, nuts and fruits in a form of a cake, patty or ball to be used as bird food.


Suet, with its high fat content, is full of vital energy that is easily digested by birds. Having sufficient energy, especially during the colder months of winter, is important to birds’ health.

You can buy suet cakes from pet stores or any store that supplies birdfeed; however, a more inexpensive option is to purchase beef suet from the meat department at the supermarket. You can simply hang the beef suet outside in a mesh bag—such as those used to carry onions or potatoes at the grocery store—or create your own mixed suet cake by following a do-it-yourself recipe easily found online. Use suet only during the cold months, as in warm temperatures it will quickly go rancid!

Image: FotoosvanRobin
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