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A Trick for Removing Water from Saucers of Heavy Pots

I planted a shrub into a pot on top of a saucer and now I’ve found it’s too heavy for me to lift up to drain the water from the saucer. Is it okay to just leave the water there to evaporate?

Answer: Growing plants in containers is a great way to maintain a larger variety of plants regardless of available in-ground growing space. When planting in pots, it is very important to select containers that have drainage holes. Allowing the water to seep through the holes, instead of resting within the soil, is vital for healthy, thriving plants. Sitting water can waterlog the roots, ultimately causing the plants to rot.

Many gardeners will rest their containers on saucers to help catch the draining water. However, if you allow the water to sit in the saucer, rather than emptying it, you still can risk causing potential damage to your plants due to the soil retaining too much moisture.

If your containers become too heavy to lift up in order to drain the saucer, try using a turkey baster to suck up the excess water. This will keep your plants happy and healthy, and do the same for you—by avoiding potential injury as a result of lifting that hefty container!

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