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Winter Plants

I wanted to thank NereidNina, the I-Tunes listener, for reminding me to do a task that is critical to you, our listeners. Chris Hansen and I talked about a number of winter trees, shrubs and perennials but I failed to give you a list so you could find them again. Here is that list and if you need more information I am more than willing to provide it.
The trees: Corylus 'Contorted' (Corkscrew hazel or Harry Lauder's walking stick), Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) "Kango Saku" or coral bark maple, Parrotica persica which has great branching and offers three seasons of interest, Betula (Birch) pendula (European white birch) , Crape myrtles. The shrubs were: Edgeworthia chrysantha, Witch hazels, Camellias, Daphne odora or Winter Daphne, Yellow and Red Twig Dogwoods, Mahonias, various Hollies and the Rhododendron "Christmas Cheer". The perennials that we talked about were Helleborus Hellebores (Lenten Rose or Christmas Rose), Rohdea japonica or Sacred lily, evergreen ferns called Christmas, Autumn Holy and Shield, Arum italicum or Italian arum, Blue spruce sedum (Sedum rupestre), Rue anemone, Broadleaf toothwart (Cardamine diphylla), Cyclamen hederifolium and Little brown jug (Asarum arifolium).