Subscription Fraud Alert

Some of Horticulture‘s subscribers have recently reported suspicious phone calls or offers in the mail to renew their subscription to Horticulture magazine. While still rare, fraudulent mailings and phone calls are increasing in the magazine industry. We have confirmed that unauthorized parties are attempting to represent themselves as Horticulture, asking for a check or credit-card number to renew your subscription. They take your money but cannot deliver the subscription.

These simple guidelines can help you avoid becoming a victim of subscription fraud:

Before renewing, check your mailing label. You’ll find your expiration date at the end of the line above your name. If your subscription is not close to expiring and you receive a phone call asking for your renewal, it is most likely fraudulent.

Look carefully at mail requests. We will never ask you to write a check to anyone other than Horticulture, and our mailing address on the return envelope should be to these P.O. Boxes in Palm Coast, Fla., with these specific ZIP codes:

  • P.O. Box 421345, ZIP 32142-9233
  • P.O. Box 421346, ZIP 32142-9265
  • P.O. Box 421348, ZIP 32142-1348.

If you are uncertain about any offer you receive, simply phone us at 1-386-246-3362. Orders placed through this number are secure. Or you can go to our online secure Customer Service center to manage your subscription.

We sincerely appreciate having you as a faithful reader and we are eager to help make subscribing to Horticulture magazine a pleasant experience.

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