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Winter Reading: Eliot Coleman

Eliot Coleman describes how to grow vegetables year-round in these two popular books.

Eliot Coleman is the go-to guy for gardeners who crave information on growing vegetables organically. He draws from years of personal experience to offer practical advice on creating a vegetable garden that's healthiest for you and for the environment. Among his many accomplishments is Four Season Farm, an experimental market garden he runs with his wife, Barbara Damrosch (author of The Garden Primer).

four season harvest

Coleman shares his advice for growing vegetables year-round—even in Maine—in two books, Four-Season Harvest (1999) and The Winter Harvest Handbook (2009). The latter will guide you through setting up and maintaining an unheated movable plastic greenhouse. Four Season Harvest covers the use of cold frames, plastic tunnels and root cellars as methods to keep you feasting on homegrown produce no matter the season, no matter your region.

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