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Transplanting Moss

Tips for transplanting moss from one garden area to another.

Mosses are easy to transplant from other parts of your property. Just be conservative and take a few small pieces here and there to avoid harming the original population.

•Think of a moss stem as a wick. As the stem grows, the older section dies but continues to absorb water like a reservoir for the living tips. When you lift up a pad of moss try to leave the layer of dead material attached because it will nourish the transplant and keep it hydrated.

•Three-inch clumps or pads are easiest to establish. In my experience the divots in the parent moss heal over in one growing season. The transplants often grow the hair-like rhizoids that help them grab on once established.

•You can glue pads directly to rocks or logs with hot glue or silicone adhesive for an instant effect. Since the bottom part is already dead, a few drops of glue do no harm. Small twigs make good "staples" to fasten pads to soil or spongy humus.