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Garden Lover's Puzzle & Quiz Book

Garden Lover's Puzzle & Quiz Book

Garden Lover's Puzzle & Quiz Book

Garden Lover's Puzzle & Quiz Book

by The Puzzle Society™

202 pages

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2009

List Price: $9.99

Puzzles are fun. Gardening is fun. Puzzles about gardening are really fun! I've only had this book for two days, have done a handful of puzzles and quizzes and already I've learned several new things about plants and gardening. That's ingenious, you know - disguising facts with gaming fun.

There are over 180 puzzles in this perfectly-sized paperback and are of enough variety to keep the fun coming, right on through to the last page. Most books of this type are such a size and bound so that you feel like you have to take a steam iron to press it open to even do the puzzle. This is a little wider than usual at about five inches (by almost seven inches high), which does away with that little annoyance, yet it' still small enough to tuck into a purse or carry-on.

While I love to do crossword puzzles, most of them have a fair amount of obscure words they're wanting for those little square boxes and I end up being frustrated that I can't quite complete the puzzle without cheating and looking at the answer. This one, however, is a garden/puzzle lover's dream. I actually know most of this stuff.

What I didn't know before doing a certain puzzle in this book is that the Fuchsia group of plants was named for a Dr. Fuchs. And now that I know this, I will never again have to waffle over where to put that darn 's' when spelling "Fuchsia."

: With the purchase of this book, you get a free 90-day trial subscription to the Puzzle Society™, their online puzzle club, where you will have access to over 70 daily updated puzzles and over 8,000 archived puzzles.

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