Easy Recycled Containers for Starting Deep-Rooted Seedlings

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A great, cost-effective and rewarding way to kick-start your garden is to start your seeds indoors. There are an abundance of successful methods for starting seeds, but one clever, easy-to-do technique is to use empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut in half).

Using paper rolls to start your seeds is not only great because it is free to do, but also the cardboard is biodegradable, which means you can directly place the tube in the soil when it is time to transplant! This is a perfect option especially for deep-rooted plants that do not typically like being transplanted. Just cut slits in one end of the tube to create flaps that you can fold over and secure with tape, making the bottom of the container. Then fill it with your desired seed-starting soil and proceed as you would with any seed pot.

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