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Books for Gardeners Who Love Birds

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Gardeners who enjoy bird watching will certainly love these informative and engaging books:

books for gardeners

The Living Landscape by Rick Darke and Douglas Tallamy: A fascinating read that details the relationships between plants, birds, insects and other wildlife. This book is essential for planning a garden that serves an ecological purpose yet remains visually appealing.

Gardening for the Birds by George Adams: This book covers everything you need to know to create a garden that attracts and supports birds. Thorough regional plant lists provide a readymade palette with which to design.

Owls: Our Most Enchanting Bird by Matt Sewell: Not a gardening book, not quite a guidebook, this little volume still deserves space on the shelf. Sewall’s endearing watercolors and pithy descriptions make this the perfect read for a cold winter’s night.

An Eden of Sorts by John Hansen Mitchell: In compelling prose, the author chronicles the history of his garden, a barren patch of pine forest that he turned into a sanctuary for diverse birds, insects and other native wildlife.

Peterson Field Guides: From Roger Tory Peterson’s original guides to eastern and western North American birds to newer volumes focused on hawks, hummingbirds, warblers and more, the Peterson Field Guides make identification easy.

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