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Book Review: The Speedy Vegetable Garden

The Speedy Vegetable Garden
by Mark Diacono & Lia Leendertz

The Speedy Vegetable Garden

208 pages
Timber Press, 2013
List price: $18.95

Some people aren’t into gardening and some people are obsessed with it. The Speedy Vegetable Garden is for those that are somewhere in between – those who want to grow their own food, but lead extremely busy lives and don’t have the time or patience to wait on those things that take an entire summer to produce.

This book is also for those with a short growing season. There’s nothing more frustrating than to have an edible grow well all summer and then just as it’s starting to produce well, along comes frost and robs the gardener of his efforts.

Diacono and Leendertz focus on what can be sown and grown quickly. It’s an ideal way for novice gardeners to break into growing some of their own food and even veteran growers will benefit from thinking about doing things in a little different way. Just harvesting traditionally long-season veggies earlier will give a different and surprisingly wonderful taste to things.

Along with suggestions and tips for growing, they’ve included recipes that make use of the edibles they feature. What a fun way to jump-start the season.

Mark Diacono runs the pioneering Otter Farm where he makes use of the changing climate to grow a wide range of food that is usually sourced from warmer climes. An award-winning journalist and photographer, Mark is also well known for his lectures, courses and work at River Cottage.

Lia Leendertz is a freelance journalist who writes for The Guardian and Gardens Illustrated, in addition to her award-winning blog. She studied horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, where she shares an allotment.

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