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Book Review: Holy Shit

A review of the book Holy Shit, a guide to using manures in the garden.

Holy Shit

by Gene Logsdon

204 pages

Chelsea Green Publishing, August 2010

List price: $17.50

It was so tempting to make light of the title of this book. But I wanted my review of it to be taken seriously, so I'm taking the high road. Besides, no one could do it any better than the author himself.

Few people could make manure sound so amusing and so fascinating, while sharing more than one person should know about it. Logsdon knows The title is more than just a play on the irreverent expression—it portends the invaluable and practical information between the covers of this small and easy-to-read book.

Gardeners have long known the benefits that aged manures can impart to their gardens. But as Logsdon points out, we are not making use of them to their full potential. We can learn from our ancestors and from the practices in other cultures and countries. And it's not nearly as disgusting as you might think.

I enjoyed this book to the point that I want to meet this man who knows his shit. I have a feeling he talks like he writes and that's the best kind of book, especially when the subject matter has the potential to be off-putting.

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