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Book Review: Eat Your Roses

Eat Your Roses
…Pansies, Lavender and 49 other Delicious Edible Flowers
by Denise Schreiber

Eat Your Roses

104 pages
St. Lynn's Press, 2011
List price: $17.95

Sure, you probably knew that dandelions and nasturtium flowers were edible, but did you know that there were many more that you likely grow in your garden that you could be putting on your dinner plate? Eat Your Roses is a fascinating guide that gives detailed information about 51 edible flowers and continues with 31 recipes using them, making this both a reference book and a cookbook.

Impressive is the word that comes to mind when I browsed the creative ways that edible flowers can be used in everything from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. I especially want to try some of the floral butters. This delightful book is perfect for gifting to gardeners and cooks alike. And it comes in that wonderful spiral, coated pages format that St. Lynn’s Press does so well.

Denise Schreiber, a lifelong gardener with a degree in floriculture and liberal studies, lives and gardens in a Pittsburgh suburb with her husband, daughter and four cats. She is also the Greenhouse Manager for Allegheny County Parks. Many people in the Pittsburgh area are familiar with Denise as the expert gardener "Mrs. Know-It-All," a fixture on the widely-heard KDKA Sunday morning radio show, The Organic Gardeners.

More of Denise's edible flowers recipes and tips can be found online at

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