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Book Review: Coffee for Roses

Coffee for Roses
...and 70 Other Misleading Myths About Backyard Gardening
by C.L. Fornari

Coffee for Roses

146 pages
St. Lynn's Press, 2014
List price: $17.95

Old habits die hard, especially when they're ones that have been passed down by parents and grandparents. But Mom wasn't always right when it comes to what works and what doesn't in the garden.

In Coffee for Roses, C.L. Fornari plays myth buster and shatters some of those long-held practices that have little to no logic for doing them. Like putting egg shells in the bottom of the hole when you plant your tomatoes. The calcium in the egg shells will help prevent blossom end rot, right? According to C.L., the latest research indicates that it isn't a lack of calcium that's causing the problem and while the egg shells won't hurt your plants, they're doing little to help them. She goes on to explain what's more likely the culprit and what you can do about it.

Be prepared to be shocked at some of the garden myths that are revealed here, but several pleasant surprises await you as well. This book may just save you valuable time in the garden and you'll have a better understanding of what goes on in it. Coffee for Roses is a fun way to learn to garden smarter and makes a great gift for new and veteran gardeners alike.

C.L. Fornari is a certified plant geek, the author of six books, recipient of several awards for garden communication, and runs a consultation service for Hyannis Country Garden on Cape Cod. She is the host of of GardenLine, a two-hour call-in radio show on WXTK, which is streamed online at She blogs at and

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