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A Tip to Make Protecting Shrubs in Winter Easier

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The cold temperatures and often-unpredictable weather during the winter season can drastically damage or even kill the plants left in our yards. Even winter hardy plants, such as lush evergreens, which are supposed to survive safely until spring, can be devastated by harsh winter conditions.

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Our evergreens’ opulent foliage can become bleached or turn brown during the winter season—especially with the sun often reflecting brightly then disappearing for long periods of time, and the cold wind rigorously beating against the evergreens. Plants that typically need protection include, but are not limited to, hemlock, arborvitae and yew.

Our outdoor plants can survive the winter, however, when properly protected with a covering. If you plan to protect your shrubs this winter with burlap or other covering, make sure to drive supportive stakes into the ground in the fall, before the ground freezes. That way they will be in place when you’re ready to add the burlap in the winter.

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