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Pacific Northwest: May Gardening

A May “to-do” list for gardeners in the Pacific Northwest United States
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Pacific Northwest garden tasks for the month of May:

  • Fertilize rhododendrons and azaleas and remove flowers as they fade.
  • Plant chrysanthemums for fall color. In midsummer, begin pinching back new growth to encourage a bushy shape.
  • Plant dahlias, gladiolus and tuberous begonias in mid-May.
  • Fertilize roses. Plant new roses, choosing varieties that are disease and pest resistant.
  • Control slugs with bait or traps. Read more about slug control.
  • Plant most vegetables. Wait until danger of frost has passed to plant tomatoes.
  • Weed! Keep up with weeding now to reduce the amount of weeds later. Pull weeds now before they can go to seed.
  • Lay fresh mulch over beds.
  • Stake delphiniums and peonies to keep them on track as they grow taller.

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