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‘Sundenia Red’ is a Plant We Love

‘Sundenia Red’ dipladenia boasts the large mandevilla flowers that gardeners love but on a compact, manageable plant. The flowers of ‘Sundenia Red’ are 3 to 5 inches in diameter, double the size of a typical dipladenia. Large blooms, rich colors and compact growing habit makes this plant perfect for just about any garden setting, including patios, decks and front walks.


Common name: ‘Sundenia Red’
Botanical name:Dipladenia ‘Sundenia Red’
Flowers: 3 to 5 inches wide. Varieties are available in red, white and coral
Foliage: Glossy green
Height: 2 feet tall and wide
Soil: Well draining
Light: Full sun
USDA Zones: 9–11

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To grow ‘Sundenia Red’, place it in a location with full sun. In the summer, to encourage vigorous growth, water frequently. Water sparingly in the winter to avoid root rot. Once the plant is established, pinch back regularly to keep it looking thick and lush and to encourage new growth and blooms. ‘Sundenia Red’ is drought tolerant once established and will tolerate drier soils as well. More than a beautiful plant to behold, ‘Sundenia Red’ also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds—always a plus!

Photo courtesy of Suntory Flowers