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String of Beads: a Gem of a Plant

Virtues: We love string of beads for their cascades of vine-like stems full of bead-shaped, vibrant green leaves. Small, whimsical white flowers bloom in mid-fall through winter, releasing bursts of cinnamon-like fragrance.

string of beads plant senecio rowelyanus

Common name: String of beads, String of pearls

Botanical name:Senecio rowleyanus

Flowers: From the slender stems, clusters of trumpet-like, white flowers, spotted with vivid purple stamens, bloom in mid-fall through spring, filling the air with their captivating aroma.

Foliage: Tiny and smooth, pea-shaped, lush green leaves trickle down the trailing, thin stems, resembling a string of beads.

Habit: These alluring succulents have a creeping habit, with its thread-like stems, reaching 2-3 feet in length.

Season: Usually grown for its foliage, with proper care, Senecio rowleyanus can flourish delightfully through any season. Its striking, aromatic flowers bloom through fall and winter.

Origin: Southwest Africa

How to grow Senecio rowleyanus as a houseplant: These eye-catching plants thrive in bright light, and look best when grown in hanging baskets so their gorgeous foliage can flow freely from the pot. Use well drained soil, and/or a cactus soil mixture while feeding them a diluted liquid fertilizer in spring and summer. Water thoroughly once the soil is dry, decreasing the amount of water during winter months. Do not overwater, because these succulents are prone to rot with too much water. You can cut back the plant to help rejuvenate its unique foliage and repot in spring when it outgrows its container.

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