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Plants We Love: Spike Winter Hazel

Spike winter hazel is a shrub that blooms very early in late winter to early spring with a wonderful strong sweet fragrance.
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Spike Winter Hazel

Plant name: Spike Winter Hazel

Botanical name:Corylopsis spicata

Virtues: Bright yellow, strongly fragrant flowers in late winter to early spring. A pleasant overall form.

Flowers: A bright clear yellow, held in drooping clusters. Very fragrant. Often the first flowers in the garden. They emerge before the leaves.

Deep bluish green leaves. Young leaves are a deep purple. Fall color is pale yellow.

Habit: Bushy and upright, with branches that spread to give an appealing open form. Reaches 5 feet tall and 8 feet wide.


Origin: Japan.

Plant in full sun to part shade. Prefers light, fertile, well-drained soil with moderate moisture. Does not need pruning. USDA Zones 6–8.

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Image credit: Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder