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Plants We Love: Petunia ‘Tidal Wave’

There is something exciting about an annual that has so many blooms that the word floriferous sounds like a major understatement, and can grow to an incredible four feet tall and wide. Petunias have long been a staple of the garden. This favored annual has continued to impress gardeners with an increasing color palette and improved performance. ‘Tidal Wave’ keeps the tradition going strong with its massive size, large blooms and a bit more resistance to water and dampness (evening moisture is the petunia’s nemesis!).


Common name: ‘Tidal Wave’ petunia
Bloom time: Spring to frost
Bloom color: Deep red, soft pink, off white, pink, cherry or purple
Habit: Upright, spreading
Width: 30–60 inches
Height: 16–22 inches
Sun requirements: Full sun
USDA Zones: 10–11 or grown as an annual

For best results, use a rich, well-draining soil in full sun and fertilize weekly. Petunias are heavy feeders, but your weekly attention yields impressive returns in bold, beautiful blooms.

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