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Plants We Love ‘Holy Moly!’ Superbells

We love it when a new plant comes along that adds a crazy amount of color to our garden beds and container designs and is easy to care for. This new introduction from Proven Winners is such a plant.

Superbells Holy Moly

Common name: Holy Moly! Superbells
Botanical name:Calibrachoa Holy Moly!
Blooms: Mottled yellow and cherry red
Height: 6–10 inches
Width: 12–18 wide
Habit: Mounding, trailing
Light requirements: Full sun

It’s easy to keep this annual looking its best. Simply provide plenty of sun, moderate water and a well-draining soil. To create a bushier plant, Proven Winners recommends trimming Superbells back when you plant them. They also recommend a balanced fertilizer to keep the plants healthy, vigorous and consistently producing new blooms. If the plant starts to look lanky or a bit spent, even if the blooms and leaves have good color, it may just be time for a healthy trim. This usually happens around July or August. No need to be too particular and snip stem-by-stem. Rather, just give it an all-over trim with clean shears. Water and feed it and give it a week to flush out to a bushy, happy plant again.

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners