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Montana Moss Juniper Looks and Feels Soft

Virtues: Montana Moss juniper contributes evergreen color and unique texture to the garden. It is a rugged low shrub that resists deer, needs little water and performs well as a ground cover or edging even near surfaces that reflect heat. The foliage is soft to the touch.


Common name: Montana Moss juniper

Botanical name: Juniperus chinensis Montana Moss (‘SMNJCHM’)

Exposure: Full sun

Foliage: Needles in a slightly bluish green cover this low evergreen shrub. Very thin and highly textural, they call to mind moss, lichens or seaweed when viewed up close.


Habit: This is a low spreading shrub that can reach two to four feet tall and spread three to six feet wide.

Origin: Juniperus chinensis is native to Asia, where it grows as a tall, narrow tree. Montana Moss is a low-growing selection introduced to the gardening market by Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs in 2020.

How to grow it: Site Montana Moss juniper in full sun and freely draining soil. It prefers dry conditions and should not need supplemental watering after it is established. This is a heat-tolerant selection that can be used near pavement that reflects heat and sun. USDA Zones 4–9.

Images courtesy of Proven Winners