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Make Amaryllis Flowers Last Longer

Amaryllis flowers (Hippeastrum) are gorgeous, exotic plants that burst with luminous color. With their spectacular intrigue, why not showcase their splendor by displaying them in your favorite vase?


Your amaryllis flowers can actually last longer when cut and put in a vase. These bold plants look stunning for up to three weeks when properly handled and cared for. Besides the benefit of a gorgeous floral arrangement, cutting your flowers can help your amaryllis bulb bloom again.

The best time to cut your flowers to showcase in a vase is before the buds begin it open. Snip the plant at a 45-degree angle with a sharp knife and immediately transfer the cut stems to water. Fill the vase with tepid water and add in a floral preserve to help extend the life of the bloom. Now you can place your amaryllis flowers in the vase.

Place your beautiful display in a location with lots of sunlight and temperatures around 70 degrees to help prolong the flower’s life. You should change out the water and add more preservative every couple of days. Since the stems are hollow, you can insert a support—a flower cane or even a straw, to help support the heaviness of the flower.

With the proper care, cut amaryllis flowers placed in a vase are wonderful additions to the décor of your home. Their striking charm will offer a serene display that will captivate you and your guests with their radiant blooms.

Image: public domain
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