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Plants We Love: Lime Zinger Elephant Ear

‘Lime Zinger’ is a giant elephant ear (Xanthosoma) with vivid chartreuse leaves. It adds a tropical, summery flair to the garden and can take full sun.
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Plant name: ‘Lime Zinger’ elephant ear

Botanical name:Xanthosoma ‘Lime Zinger’

Virtues: It’s large, bright green leaves add a fun, tropical touch to the garden. The leaves are almost a golden green, and though many gold-tone plants scorch in full sun, ‘Lime Zinger’ has been shown to hold up in sun provided it is very well watered.

Foliage: 18-inch-long leaves grow on 3 to 4-foot-tall stems. The leaves are shaped like an elephant’s ear, hence the common name. Their color is a bright chartreuse.

Habit: Herbaceous perennial that forms an upright clump of leaves.


Elephant ears are tropical plants that relish heat, humidity and water. Grow in rich, moist but well-drained soil in part shade to sun. Provide ample water, especially if plant is sited in sun. Otherwise the leaves may scorch. Too much shade produces dark leaves. Protect from strong wind. ‘Lime Zinger’ can be grown in a large container and overwintered in a cool, dry place indoors. Bring container in before the last frost and cut the leaves down before storing. Alternatively, grow as a houseplant for the winter in a cool room and with less water. Hardy in USDA Zones 8–10.

Image courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder

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