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Plants We Love: Kent Beauty Oregano

This ornamental oregano is an excellent choice for containers and window boxes.
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Plant name: ‘Kent Beauty’ oregano, ‘Kent Beauty’ marjoram

Botanical name:Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’

Virtues: A rugged, easy grower with excellent floral appeal and fragrant foliage. Its trailing habit and undemanding nature make it a good choice for containers and hanging baskets.

Flower: Flowers dangle from multiple large pink bracts from summer through fall.

Foliage: Small, silvery and fragrant, though not as strongly scented as culinary oreganos.

Habit: Bushy and trailing, with stems to one foot long.

Season: Spring through fall.

Origin: Hybrid of Oregano rotundifolium and O. scabrum

Cultivation: Easy to grow. Tolerates average soil but prefers a gritty, sandy mix. Provide good drainage. Tolerates heat and drought. Can be grown as an annual or a perennial. USDA Zones 6–9.

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