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How to Grow Toad Lilies for Fall Flowers

Toad lilies (Tricyrtis) signal the end of summer with their vivid, orchid-like blooms. Although they may look delicate, these hardy perennials are actually fairly easy to grow.

toad lilies

Toad lily tips:

  • Most toad lilies prefer partial or full shade, but several tolerate full sun, especially if they are kept watered
  • The require humus-rich soil that stays slightly moist but drains well
  • Toad lilies will tolerate some drought once established, but the tips and edges of their leaves may turn brown in dry times
  • Hardiness varies by species and cultivar, but in general Tricyrtis survives in USDA Zones 5 through 9
  • In the colder end of their growing range, plant them in a southern exposure so the will break dormancy early enough in spring to develop and flower before the fall’s killing frost
  • Toad lilies spread by underground stems, something to keep in mind when choosing a location and companion plants
  • Rabbits may eat these perennials, so use wire fencing and/or rabbit spray around them where rabbits are common
  • Good companions include hosta, Solomon’s seals (Polygonatum) and astilbe

Image credit: autaka / iStock / Getty Images