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Hosta of the Year 2019: Lakeside Paisley Print

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Virtues: The Hosta of the Year for 2019, Hosta ‘Lakeside Paisley Print’ is a gorgeous selection with thick leaves and a compact shape. Since 1996, the American Hosta Growers Association has named one variety to honor each year. To win, the hosta must be easy to grow in all regions, be widely available and be moderately priced. See past Hosta of the Year winners here.


Common name: Lakeside Paisley Print hosta, plantain lily

Botanical name: Hosta ‘Lakeside Paisley Print’

Exposure: Part to full shade

Season: Spring to fall for foliage

Flowers: Tubular light purple flowers appear atop cream-colored stems that rise to about 24 inches in midsummer.

Foliage: Lakeside Paisley Print has thick, puckered, heart-shape leaves that are deep green with lime and gold markings radiating from their base.

Habit: This hosta grows to about 10 inches tall with a 20-inch width.

Origins: Bred by Mary Chastain and released in 2006. Its parentage is not known.

How to grow Lakeside Paisley Print: Site in full shade or part shade, in average soil with good drainage. Dappled light or some morning sun will bring out the best coloration. Provide water if rainfall is scarce, particularly in the first year. In colder regions, cover with a light mulch in winter to prevent frost heaves, but check for slugs hiding in the shelter of this mulch in spring. Zones 3–9.

Image credit: Walters Gardens