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Dancing with Dragons Is a Solid Blue Hosta

Color and texture equally win points for the hosta 'Dancing with Dragons'. The heart-shaped leaves maintain their dusky blue color through the entire growing season. The wavy edge and lightly corrugated surface of each leaf show that hostas can be very interesting even if their leaves are solid in color.


Common name: 'Dancing with Dragons' hosta

Botanical name: Hosta ‘Dancing with Dragons’ 

Exposure: Part shade, full shade

Flowers: In late summer, stalks of tubular, whitish flowers appear on two-foot-tall stalks that place the blossoms just above the foliage.

Foliage: 'Dancing with Dragons' has broad, deep grayish blue leaves with markedly crimped edges and a puckered texture overall. The leaf color stays consistent throughout the growing season.

Habit: Considered a medium-sized hosta, 'Dancing with Dragons' grows to 18 inches tall in leaf and nearly 4 feet wide.

Origin: Introduced by Walters Gardens in 2021.

How to grow it: Place 'Dancing with Dragons' hosta in part or full shade, in average to rich soil that drains well. It needs regular water as its roots establish in the soil, but thereafter it may withstand some short dry spells. USDA Zones 3–9.

Image courtesy of Walters Gardens