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Plants We Love: White Hibiscus (Hibiscus waimeae)

White hibiscus (Hibiscus waimeae) is the only fragrant hibiscus. Read more about this Hawaiian native plant.
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Plant name: White hibiscus; in Hawaiian, aloalo or koki'o ke'oke'o

White Hibiscus (Hibiscus waimeae)

Botanical name:Hibiscus waimeae

Virtues: It's the only fragrant hibiscus. It blooms year-round.

Flowers: Large and sweetly fragrant, with prominent red stamens. They open white and fade to pink by day's end. Each flower lasts only one day.

Habit: In the wild, it's a 30-foot-tall tree. In Hawaiian gardens, it is often kept as a 4-foot rounded shrub.

Origin: Forests and mountains of Hawaii.

Grow in part to full sun. Tolerates dry spells as well as drenching rains once it is established. Prune it to keep a tidy shape. USDA Zones 14 to 15.

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Image credit: Forest and Kim Starr