Plants We Love: Ginkgo biloba

A slow-growing, easy-going tree with great fall foliage and a long history.
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Plant name: Maidenhair tree, ginkgo tree

Botanical name:Gingko biloba

Virtues: Gorgeous fall color. Interesting framework of branches.

Flower: Green catkins appear in spring. More noticeable on male trees.

Foliage: Two-lobed, fan-shaped leaves are green in spring and summer and bright yellow in fall.

Habit: Upright tree, 50 to 80 feet tall. Branches spread 30 to 40 feet. Shorter, narrow cultivars exist.

Season: Spring through fall.

Origin: China. Ginkgo biloba is the last member of a group of plants that lived 150 million years ago. Named Tree of the Year in 2005 by the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum.

Cultivation: Prefer moist, well-drained soil but tolerates poor soil and moderate moisture, as well as heat and poor air. Full sun. USDA Zones 3–8.

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